About Us


My name is HazeX and I am an Air-Conditioning Filter.

I was born in Germany and have migrated to Singapore.

Technically, I am made by state-of-the-art nano-fibre technology.

My whole body is made up of Nano-Fibre.

I am only measured 305mm x 255mm and can fit in to all air-conditioners.

Although I am small In size, I am 1.2  ̴ 1.6mm thick with high density.

I can filter up to 95% of fine particles (including PM2.5 / 2.5µm particles).


I’m born in Z Generation, and I know all the “in” social media.

Make friends with me at:

1) My webpage                 www.pm25filter.com.sg

2) My Facebook              “PM2.5 Filter

3) My Wechat                 “PM2.5 Filter”

4) My Instagram             “HazeX_Filter

5) My youtube                “HazeX

6) My letterbox               sales@pm25filter.com.sg

Read my Blog to know me more:

PM2.5 pollutants hit unhealthy level

Levels of fine particles in the air – known as “PM2.5” – spiked to the unhealthy range yesterday, triggering warnings for some people to limit outdoor exercise. This is even as the main Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) stayed in the moderate range. At 9pm......

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Give me a working place and that’s your Air-Conditioning Unit.